Our Boats

Custom 24′ Boice Jet Boat

  • Cruise up the Klamath river in a comfortable manner. The boat is licensed to take up to 6 passengers/anglers up river with a maximum load of 10 people including the crew. The boat can run in 6” of water and gets us where we need to be in a hurry.

17′ Wille Drift Boat

  • We have two Willie drift boats. Each boat seats up to 3 in the front giving anglers a front row seat while navigating down stretches of rapids through some of the most beautiful water in the world! Also has a heater in the front to help keep you warm on even the coldest days.

12′ Odyssey Guide Raft

  • This raft has it all for fishing! Sits one angler in the front and one in the back. Set up with rails and platforms for anglers to stand up and have support to focus on the task at hand. Also has side steps to get in and out while making stops. Was designed with anglers in mind.

Vx Cruiser

  • Used for shuttles as well as delivering supplies on up river, and ocean kayak trips while fishing multiple groups. If we need to get there fast and efficient, this is the way to travel.. it also makes for an exciting and fun experience for guests looking for a little extra adrenaline rush!

Our Fishing Equipment

Guides at Gold River Lodge pride themselves on having equipment and gear to make every trip run as smooth as possible. We are on the G-loomis Pro Staff and use custom tied flies to entice even the most passive Steel head to attack.What to bring

Fly Fishing Equipment

  • Fly rods
    • 6-8 weight rod
  • -Appropriate line weight to match rods
    • sinking or floating
    • clear intermediate sink tip
  • -Waders
    • Felt soled wading boots or sandals
  • -Polarized sunglasses
  • -Hats
    • Something for sun protection
  • -Sun Block
  • -Rain Jacket
  • -Gloves
  • -Fleece pants to wear under waders
  • -Camera
  • -Fly vest
  • -We provide hand tied flies for each trip

Clothes and Attire

Weather and temperatures are a bit unpredictable during our months of operations, so planning for a little bit of everything is the best way to prepare!
Clothes to consider:

  • -Casual attire
    • Blue jeans
    • shorts
    • hiking boots
    • Sandals or walking shoes
  • -Warmer clothes for mornings and evenings
    • Fleece or jacket
    • Long sleeve sweatshirts or shirts
  • -Beach Wear or kayaking
    • Sandals
    • Swim shorts
    • wetsuit (depending on weather)
    • sunblock

The best way to prepare is to give us a call and make sure you have the right equipment and clothes for whatever it is that you wish to do on your visit!